Baggage Policies

Soft sided baggage is preferred and our baggage policy varies by the aircraft as described below.

Charter Flights

Important No Hazmat or Dangerous Goods (DG) can be shipped in baggage or cargo.

Total weight includes passengers and baggage.

206 Seaplane (Up to 4 guests):  700 to 750lbs (varies with location)
208 Seaplane (Up to 8 guests):  1500 to 1800 (varies with location)
Wheeled Caravan (Up to 9 guests):  1700 to 2500 (varies with location)

Scheduled Service

Important No Hazmat or Dangerous Goods (DG) can be shipped in baggage or cargo.

Wheeled Caravan: 50lbs/person free with a 1 bag limit

Seaplane: 30lbs/person free with a 1 bag limit

Additional weight up to 100lbs (if flight is not full and can be accommodated) is $1.50/lb. If flight is full we will attempt to take on future flight as cargo at the rate of $1.50/lb. All baggage over the 30/50lbs free and the additional 100lbs will be considered as Cargo. (See Cargo)

Please note the MAX dimensions for the Cargo Hold area.                                                                                                                                                    

If your baggage exceeds these dimensions 14"H x 41"L x 27"D, please contact us to accommodate your requirements.

Each plane has weight restrictions for the safety of our guests and therefore we reserve the right to refuse baggage exceeding the weight limit. 

We understand that the one-bag-per-person policy can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately, Tropic Ocean Airways is happy to store any extra luggage for the duration of your trip. Bags will be stored in our office, which will be locked when not occupied. However, Tropic Ocean Airways is not responsible for lost or stolen baggage or items. The maximum allowed baggage storage is limited to two bags per person, with any additional bags for a fee of $30 per bag. This policy is only applicable to Fort Lauderdale International departures and arrivals. No baggage storage is available for Miami Seaplane Base or other departure locations.

*Additional weight may be permitted if traveling via private charter.

If you require additional baggage for your trip, please consult our cargo department Mon-Fri 10am-4pm EST by phone 1-800-767-0897 X293  or email: [email protected]

Safety advisory:

Current and future guests, please be advised that due to the DOT's most recent ban on all Samsung Galaxy Note7 cellphones, we are no longer permitting them on board of our aircraft. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause but as safety is our number one priority - we would never bend the rules that can conflict with safety protocols.

"Individuals who own or possess a Samsung Galaxy Note7 device may not transport the device on their person, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage on flights to, from, or within the United States. This prohibition includes all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices. The phones also cannot be shipped as air cargo." You may visit the official DOT website for additional details.